Creative Inc.  Biography and Credentials for Brenda Dammann principal of Creative Inc. 

Brenda Dammann.

Working with clients who live on the edge of change and new ideas is my very favorite place to to my horse, that is!

I'm especially effective at helping clients map these in-between places and bring ideas to concrete form. My skill transforming complex creative and technical information into clear strategy, remarkable messaging, and powerful content is a proven asset for clients who include Walt Disney World, NOAA, and businesses from chambers of commerce and hospitals to entrepreneurs, tech firms, universities, and attractions.

From Iowa kid to television writer and producer to corporate marketing director to - most exciting - theme park industry writer and project manager, my unique background provides the perfect mix of farm-bred common sense and raw experience to help you successfully navigate and create in these liminal spaces. I work and travel from my home base in Asheville, NC, and am an avid equestrian and self-taught artist.