Creative Inc a communications consultancy specializing in strategy and message development. 

Focus. Clarity. Connection.


Edges, boundaries, and liminal spaces...the place where ideas are born. That's where I find  my clients, people at the forefront of emerging industries, building new concepts, or undergoing change.

Creative Inc. is a consulting company specializing in strategy and new idea shaping. I work with companies in the midst of invention or undergoing significant change, helping them navigate the in-between place between vision and marketplace.  

Change and invention are times of great possibility, where the potential exists to blow the game wide open. Creative Inc. helps you mine those possibilities.


"Solid, strategic and focused. Definitely on target!”

Distinctive business-to-business, creative and technical writing. Communication strategies for any situation, copywriting for any media, writing in nearly every form.



“Collaborative, highly-organized execution in the most demanding situations."

Situational analysis, marketing plans and tactical campaigns that achieve credible results and long-term awareness.


“Clear, vivid, smart…with a strong, straight-forward style.”

Writing and documentation for projects large or small. Turnkey services that include scope of work development, proposal writing, scheduling, budgeting, documentation, and contractor management.